Care Instructions

Our 100% natural wool or cotton may pill, as it has not been treated with synthetic coating. If pilling does occur do not despair: This is a natural process where friction causes the short fibres to migrate to the surface. Once removed these will disappear. Please use a wool shaver to gently get red of any bobby bits and smooth your product.
We've developed a Wool Spray together with Marie-Stella-Maris to refresh your garments, leaving a subtle scent of calming lavender. Eau de Lavande is a wool spray, meant to keep your woolen garments fresh and clean. When you own a ILMM' item, it's better to not wash it regulary.
The spray is a scent based on the freshness and delicateness of lavender blossoms in the early morning. It provides a deep calm to your senses.
Never put your garment in the washing machine or dryer. As our yarn has been treated with anti-shrink or fixing agents, please take extra care when washing garments. We recommend a cool hand wash with liquid wool detergent, roll it in a towel to gently squeeze out excess water and lie flat in the shade to dry.